Cavriglia loop

Cavriglia is the closest town.  When you leave the house, turn right.  After about 300 m, there is a sharp left and then right turn down a steep road to Cavriglia.  At the bottom of the hill is a square; turn right at the Coop and you can make a loop of Cavriglia (see the map).  The loop must be done in this direction because of a short segment of one-way street (red arrow).

There are a few parking spaces in front of the Coop.  Otherwise the best place to park is at the end of the loop, shown on the map.  The Coop has a limited but adequate selection of groceries.  Fruits and vegetables are not self-service, ask for help.

The newspaper store has some French, German and English newspapers.  To reach it, you should make a left turn just before you reach the square, then a right turn crossing a small bridge and it will be on the right.